If you are in the market for a new exhaust for your Indian Scout Bobber, you can choose from a number of options. From chrome on chrome to black ceramic, there are several options for your bobber that will give it that extra pop and bark. Here, we have listed some of the best options and their advantages and disadvantages.Also Read: http://nosynation.com/

Hacker Custom Exhaust

A Hacker Custom Exhaust for Indian Scoutbobber provides performance and style, and features a chrome and high-temperature black ceramic coating. The exhaust also features an HP high-out baffle and heat shields. A quiet option is also available.

The Thunderheader exhaust, for example, has a patented collector design. It fits 1984-1999 FXRs with mid-controls. It features a black and chrome design, and comes with sound clips.

Forsch Performance Slip-On Mufflers

The Forsch Performance Slip-On Muffler for Indian Scout models features a four-inch tuning chamber and race-inspired CNC machined billet 4.0″ end caps. These mufflers are tuned to deliver a throatier roar, which is more in tune with the Scout’s aggressive nature. In addition, they feature heat and corrosion-resistant ceramic coating.

Radiant Cycles GP shorty exhaust

This exhaust features a sleek design to add an elegant touch to your motorcycle. The exhaust is easy to install and offers ample sound at 8000 rpm. It does not require any tuning or re-jetting. This exhaust is completely bolt-on and requires no modification to the bike’s wiring.

TAB Performance louvered core

For those looking for more power and a more aggressive tone, the TAB Performance louvered core exhaust is the perfect solution. Its removable baffle core gives it an unmatched deep tone that is not only more pleasing to the ears but also helps produce double-digit horsepower gains. Not only that, but TAB’s legendary customer service means that you can expect your new exhaust to arrive with a high degree of quality.

Forsch Performance RICOCHET

The Forsch Performance RICOCHET exhaust for the Indian Scout Bobber delivers a roaring, powerful sound and a new level of performance. This exhaust features a T-6 billet end cap and 1 3/4-inch mild steel tubing with a heat and corrosion-resistant ceramic coating. It also includes a header heat shield and baffles for enhanced sound quality.


This RPW USA RICOCHET exhaust system is a 2 in 1 exhaust system that produces a thunderous rumble and leaping power. Its header is made from 1 3/4″ mild steel tubing and is finished with a T-6 billet end cap. The system also features a heat shield and baffles to improve airflow. The full exhaust system is available in both chrome and black ceramic.