Onpassive is a website where you can display your business information and interact with visitors. It helps you track visitors, answer questions and make sales. Then, you can get paid immediately from the proceeds of these sales. In addition to helping you to attract customers, Onpassive also allows you to expand your global network.


O-Bless is a unique fundraising platform that connects people around the world. The site allows users to create their own fundraising campaigns to help meet community needs. O-Bless is a perfect platform for those who are passionate about helping others and want to make a difference in the world.


ONPASSIVE has created an email platform called O-Mail that allows business owners to communicate with employees. The platform comes with many useful features, including calendar integration, unlimited storage, and synchronization across multiple devices. It also allows users to customize emails, enable notifications, schedule emails, and more. It is currently one of the fastest growing web-based email services.


O-Post is a web-based e-mail marketing software that makes marketing emails simple. It is highly secure and will direct your e-mails to the inbox of your recipients. It also has features to ensure that your emails do not get marked as spam.


ONPASSIVE, a global provider of predictive business automation solutions, has launched a new product called O-Cademy. The new service helps businesses and educators leverage AI technology and personalize learning experiences. As an example, it helps teachers and tutors create courses that appeal to students. It also features an easy-to-use interface and gamification techniques.


O-Tracker is a multi-featured site security tool that maps IP addresses to physical locations. It includes features such as country detection, language, time zone, currency, and more. This information allows marketers to better understand how different countries are accessing their site. It can also help them enhance data quality and position their brand messages for better engagement.


O-Dit is a South African social media website that offers a wealth of information on building a successful business. It offers articles on a variety of topics and boasts more than two million members. The site is constantly evolving and constantly updated, and its contents are constantly being added to.


The Onpassive Business O-Wallet is a mobile digital wallet that offers security and convenience. The wallet lets you send and receive funds online, manage your account balances, and schedule payments. The O-Wallet features a responsive user interface and a detailed dashboard. In addition, the wallet allows you to subscribe to different services, such as subscriptions to news services or mini-statements.


O-Staff is a completely customizable HRMS software that helps businesses manage and align employee information. It also helps companies improve efficiency. It has features like O-Bless, O-Mail, and O-Post, and it is completely free. The software can help your business meet its goals, and you can use it for free to help your employees.


ONPASSIVE Business 0Chat provides a simple, yet comprehensive, solution for online customer service. It combines natural language understanding with machine learning to provide a unified platform for interactive conversations. Using a predefined industry model, 0-Chat recognizes each customer’s intent and responds accordingly. It also uses a built-in AI to diagnose problems and report them to a human customer service agent.