Most people think that icing and frosting are two same things, however in reality the two are totally different from each other. Let’s get into the details to know about different types of frosting. Both are used to decorate baked goods but are different from each other. 

Your sweet tooth must be craving dessert right now after reading this first paragraph only. If you wish to eat a nice cake or cupcake right away, just search for online cake delivery in Bangalore and enjoy your good appetite watching your favourite show. But! Wait before you order your favourite sweet course; read out about different types of frosting and decide which one you want to try. 

What is Frosting? 

Frosting is the fluffy, thick mixture which is used for decorating cake and cupcakes. It holds the shape on your cake and looks beautiful in various designs. Frosting is made from fat like cream or butter along with sugar and flavours can be added to it. Frosting is always whipped before decorating cakes. 

Various types of of frosting 

Whipped cream frosting 

It is made from whipping the heavy cream with some powdered sugar. Mostly it is used to decorate cakes like pineapple or black forest cake. 

Cream Cheese frosting

It is a variation of the classic buttercream and the main ingredients of this frosting are butter, sugar and cream and lemon is an add on. This is mostly popular in carrot cake, lemon cake and red velvet cake. 

Buttercream frosting 

The main ingredient of this cake is butter and it is the most commonly used frosting.The creamy part describes its texture. It is made from pure butter whipped with powdered sugar till it becomes light and creamy. Modification can be done by adding different flavours like lemon, chocolate or vanilla. 

Swiss Meringue frosting 

This is a basic buttercream frosting with a meringue base. It is less sweet than other types of frosting and is very subtle. Swiss meringue is a stable type of meringue which includes only sugar and egg whites.

Swiss meringue buttercream can be made by adding softened butter to the Swiss meringue and beating them together until super fluffy. You will get a silky frosting texture which will be perfect to top any type of cake. Swiss meringue buttercream can be seen on wedding cakes for white coating. Food colour can be added if desired. 

Cooked Flour Buttercream 

Flour buttercream frosting contains ingredients like flour, sugar, milk and butter. You have to boil sugar, flour and milk together and add butter when the mixture is cool. With the use of flour in this type of buttercream makes the mixture stable without egg whites. The texture is also lighter than most buttercream types.It can be used on cakes and cupcakes but it is perfect for red velvet cake. 


Ganache is a mixture of melted dark chocolate and sometimes white cream is also used with heavy cream. It is one the most versatile types of frosting. It can be poured easily for cake topping or filling. It can be used for almost any baked item, especially cakes and brownies for a glossy chocolate texture. Chocolate Ganache is also used as dipping sauce for fruits or anything that may go well with melted chocolate.

Fudge frosting

Fudge frosting is a chocolatey and simple type of frosting for cupcakes and is also very easy to spread over cakes. It requires very few ingredients and gadgets. Any type of chocolate source you like can be used to make fudge frosting like chocolate bars or cocoa powder. As it is over-sweet, it can be perfect with mild items like tarts and plain sponges.

Seven-minute frosting

The seven-minute frosting is also classic frosting that has been popular since the early 1900s. It also hold its shape really well. It will take approximately 7 minutes to make this delectable frosting. Ingredients used are sugar, corn syrup, and water. It is different from other types of frosting as it does not contain butter. It is not long lasting at room temperature as it hardens quickly and creates a crust over time. Therefore, cakes with this froastings should be eaten on the same day.

Glazed Frosting

Glazed frosting is a mixture of sugar syrup which is thin enough to be poured easily. The mixture turna into a shiny, smooth layer outside of cakes, cupcakes, donuts cookies etc. It consists of a very thin consistency which creates a crispy crunch after it gets cool. It can be used as a dipping sauce also. There are two different forms of glaze frosting, powdered sugar glaze and chocolate glaze.