When you want to manage your blog, an app can help you stay organized. This article covers four popular blog organizer apps. Ulysses, Asana, Toggl, and SnippetsLab all have different benefits. But whichever one you choose, you can rest assured that it will be easy to use and will keep your blog up to date and fresh.


The Ulysses blog organizer app is a very convenient tool for those who want to organize and write posts on the go. Its simple interface and keyboard shortcuts make it easy to use. It also provides a cheat sheet and a full-screen mode, which removes distractions. You can also use the app’s typewriter mode to keep your writing in the center of your screen, which is helpful for users who have large monitors. It also offers a preview mode to view images and other rich media.

Another nice feature is the ability to manage files. The app lets you drag and drop folders from your computer into the sidebar. Then, you can view and manage them in the External Folders library. The folders can be indexed for easy searching. Ulysses also lets you edit the contents of files in your folders using Markdown formatting. You can also add new documents to the folders. The app also indexes all the documents inside a folder, making it easy to browse through your writing in any app.


Unlike some other blog organizer apps, Asana is not limited to managing your own blog. It allows you to create and edit lists of tasks, assign team members and assign subtasks. You can also add comments, tags, and video descriptions to your tasks. This app helps you stay organized and get things done faster.

Using Asana is easy. It displays a list of projects, reports, portfolios, and workspaces. It also includes a search function and tabs to switch between various views. It also has a powerful advanced search feature.


Toggl offers free and paid plans. The free version of the app is good for teams of up to 5 people. It does not include advanced features, such as timesheets and project management. However, you can buy a paid version for as little as $10 per month. Toggl is a web application that can be used online or as a browser extension.

Time management is a big part of being productive, whether you’re working from home or just need to monitor your time. Luckily, Toggl is the perfect solution for simple time tracking. Its clever reports allow you to prioritize tasks, clients, and projects. It also offers integrations with other productivity tools, such as Google Calendar.


SnippetsLab is a full-featured snippet manager and blog organizer app. It lets you create, edit, and store snippets for your blog, and also helps you build a knowledge base. Its interface features 13 customizable themes, syntax highlighting for over 440 languages, Smart Groups, and shortcuts. It also allows you to combine several fragments into a single snippet. You can also pin an individual window at the top of your screen, so you can quickly find snippets you need.

SnippetsLab is a full-featured markdown editor that lets you create and edit snippets in Markdown. It also lets you choose editing, preview, and view modes. It also supports advanced keyboard navigation, automatic backups, and iCloud syncing between your Macs. SnippetsLab is also compatible with the popular Inkdrop Markdown library, which allows for extensible Markdown syntax. It also offers 10 GB of online storage, 100+ plugins, and self-hosting of data using a CouchDB server.

Notion for Blogging

If you want a blog organizer that can keep up with your work, Notion for Blogging is a great choice. Not only does it help you keep track of your projects, but you can also manage your content in one place. You can create to-do lists, databases, images, and texts. Notion lets you create a custom workspace that will work best for you.

The first step to setting up Notion for Blogging is to create a database. Each entry should contain a title, three-word summary, link to the entry, and its status. After creating each entry, Notion will create a page for that entry. There are also other features that you can customize.


If you’re looking for a great blog organizer app, CoSchedule is a solid choice. The marketing suite has a variety of features that will increase your productivity. These include shareable calendars, project management, and custom calendar views. You can also easily organize folders and files. You can even use CoSchedule to track your progress with automated workflows.

Another great feature of the CoSchedule blog organizer app is its ability to integrate with social media platforms. The social media tools integrate with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Tumblr, and Google +. Once you’ve integrated your social profiles with CoSchedule, you can schedule social messages in advance.