When you are looking for a direct mail marketing company, there are a few things you need to look for. These include flexibility, design, accurate data and cost. By following these tips, you should find the best direct mail marketing company for your needs. These companies are designed to work seamlessly with your current systems.


Flexibility in direct mail marketing is a feature that many businesses seek in a direct mail marketing company. Flexibility is essential for the success of any direct mail marketing campaign, and the right direct mail marketing company will be able to provide it with a variety of benefits. In addition to offering quality direct mail, these companies can also provide other services to further boost your customer satisfaction.

One of the most important benefits of direct mail marketing is its affordability. It does not require any technical training, nor does it require a large investment in digital infrastructure. Most direct mail marketing companies offer a variety of plans that you can choose from. Another feature to look for in a direct mail marketing company is its willingness to discuss discounts for future advertising campaigns.

Another benefit of direct mail marketing companies is their ability to use the medium for a variety of marketing purposes. Some companies focus on marketing to consumers in their own homes, while others prefer to target specific neighborhoods or people based on demographic information.

Accurate data

Accurate data is vital to the success of a direct mail marketing campaign. Without it, you risk generating inaccurate ROI results. The quality of data is essential for engaging current clients, prospecting for new customers, and sustaining customer trust. Look for direct mail marketing companies that are comfortable managing complex data, including NCOA processing. They should be able to create solutions-based content.

The most effective direct mail marketing campaigns can personalize nearly every aspect of a piece of mail. The more data available, the more hyper-targeting a mail campaign can be. This data includes geographical data, demographic data (age, ethnicity, income, education level), behavioral data (buying habits), and psychographic (interests, hobbies, and values) data.

Using address-focused progressive profiling and address verification can improve the efficiency of direct mail campaigns. However, user-submitted data can vary widely in accuracy. Look for a direct mail marketing company with accurate data to avoid wasting money on ineffective people.


Direct mail marketing services vary in cost depending on the number of mailings, type of product and geographic area targeted. Most companies also charge extra for reprinting and redesigns. It is recommended to check if you will need to pay additional charges and how long they will last before they stop. Some companies can offer a reimbursement guarantee if you’re unhappy with their work.

Direct mail companies can create effective mailers for a range of industries. Many offer consultations and samples of custom designs. You should also be able to purchase mailing lists, unless you prefer to rent. If you can, look for a company with creative staff. Ultimately, direct mail services should give you the most for your money.

Another factor that can influence the cost of a direct mail campaign is the cost of printing. These expenses can vary significantly depending on the size of the piece. Larger pieces require more money to print than small, lightweight pieces. Fortunately, many printers offer discounts if you order a large volume of mail pieces.