Bold interior design ideas can be achieved by playing up features that make the home dramatic, such as high ceilings, unique crown moulding, or angles. To play up these features, consider contrasting color palettes, coordinated yet eclectic furnishings, and custom window treatments. Also, use bold patterns and textures, such as geometric or multihued patterns.

Modern interior design

Modern interior design ideas use a variety of materials. While most modern interiors use wood, there are also plenty of options that use plastic. While many designers paint wood to hide its natural grain pattern, others like to leave it exposed as an organic contrast. Glossy metals are another staple of modern interior design ideas. These materials are often used on lamp bodies and furniture legs. Modern interior designers like clean, smooth surfaces.

Checkered floors

Checkered floors add a unique and dynamic look to your home. This flooring type is not for the timid and can add great character to your kitchen and living room. It is also a great choice for smaller rooms as it mixes well with warm woods and pops of color.

Multihued interiors

Multihued interior design ideas make for striking contrasts and bright pops of color. These shades are becoming increasingly popular, and many interior designers believe that the millennial pink trend will only get stronger. The colors can be used to brighten up clunky wood furnishings, and accents like an orange Moroccan rug can be used to create a dramatic focal point in a room.

Living large in small spaces

Living Large in Small Spaces is part styling guide, part idea sourcebook. It offers simple, elegant solutions for reshaping a small space. It’s also packed with beautiful color and design ideas to help you create a room that feels spacious.

Framed photos

A gallery wall of framed photos can make a great addition to your living room. Use frames to display your favorite pictures and 3D objects such as posters. Choose a color palette that complements the photos and space.

Accent wall

Accent walls can be a stylish way to add some personality to a room. A great way to do this is with paint. Paint a single wall or a large area with a bright, bold color. It is easy to create a fun design with paint and stencils and you can be as creative as you want with the color and texture of the wall.