Having knowledge about cricket and playing cricket are two completely different things. Similarly, unless one participates in online betting, it is not entirely possible to ascertain the best strategy for making online cricket betting profitable. The thrill of cricket betting can be fully realized when different bets are combined into one betting strategy. Cricket betting is a strategic game. The strategies for cricket betting can be classified into two categories, namely mathematical strategies, and game-related strategies.

The mathematical strategies involve the choice of the right odds and the right combination. These types of strategies are mostly accepted by seasoned bettors. Strategies like flat betting, the ladder system, and the Martingale strategy are based on mathematical calculations.

The game-related strategies are dependent on an individual’s knowledge and skill for predicting the outcome of a match. These strategies are created after going through the available information regarding the players and the patterns of the game.

We are about to discuss some online cricket betting strategies with free cricket tips on  Indian local betting sites to help the bettor choose their strategy for the most profitable outcomes.

  1. Flat Betting Strategy

‘Flat bets’ means that each of the bets would be of the same value. A flat betting strategy depends upon mathematical calculations. Such a strategy involves specifying the percentage of bankroll a bettor wants to place on each bet. Such a betting strategy can be further divided into Chaotic flat bets, Academic flat bets, Static flat bets, and Aggressive flat bets. The most popular among such bets is the Academic flat bet that offers 3-5% bets. You can go with a 3% stake on games with high risk and 5% on games with obvious outcomes. This strategy may generate moderate profit but the risk of losing all your stakes is minimum. This strategy is best for inexperienced players.

  • Dogon Betting Strategy

Dogon betting strategy is a mathematical strategy suitable for new bettors. According to this strategy, the number of bets or rates should gradually be increased after every stake to compensate for the previous loss. This simple mathematical strategy can help to make short profits but it can also lead to bankruptcy if practiced too often. So while going for this strategy care should be taken not to exhaust one’s funds over impulsive betting.

  • Martingale Strategy

Martingale’s strategy is a variant of the Dogon Betting Strategy. It is based on increasing the rates after losing a stake. Although compelling and risky, this strategy is suitable for the bettor who wants to minimize his loss. There is a rule which is followed in this type of betting strategy. If someone loses a stake, he should double his rate in the next stake. On the other hand, if he wins a stake he should keep the winning rate intact.

  • Oscar’s Grind Strategy

Oscar’s Grind Strategy is similar to Martingale’s strategy, except for a few changes in the treatment of bets. In this strategy, the initial bet should be 1/12 of the total amount kept in an online casino. The bettor does not need to adjust the amount of his stake every time. With every bet won, the amount will get increased. This strategy is best for outcomes with 2/1 decimal odds or more than a 2.0 coefficient. With the win, the size of the betting amount gets doubled. If there is a losing streak, the bets would get reduced. This strategy is fit for keeping a check on the investment by reducing the risk of losing the maximum of the total amount.

  • Percentage of Bank Strategy

The Percentage Bank Strategy is appropriate for both seasoned bettors and inexperienced players. It is a bankroll-governed system. This betting strategy provides the convenience of betting with a percentage of the deposited amount. A bettor can deposit a certain amount in any online casino and put the stakes on the cricket betting site by withdrawing a small percentage of the total amount. The increase or the reduction of the amount of the betting stakes depends upon win or loss. Consecutive wins would increase the amount of betting even if the percentage of stakes remains the same, for example, 6%. On the other hand, a loss would reduce the total amount of stake as there would be a deduction from the main balance after losing the bet. Suppose the total amount is $2000. 6% of that amount would be $120. If the bettor loses the bet, then $120 will get deducted from his total amount, making it $1880. Now, in the next bet 6% of $1880, that is $112.8 would be invested. This is how this strategy works. This strategy is popular among bettors for betting on the top batsman or bowler, the best team, the runs scored, individual scores, and wickets taken.

Strategies are methods employed by bettors to secure their win. Strategies cannot ensure a win every time. A bettor needs to have good in-depth knowledge of the betting lines, odds, and different combinations. Above all, a bettor needs to do full-length research on certain factors that to analyze the outcomes of a game. Only when other factors like the choice of the perfect team, the choice of the perfect game to bet on, information about the weather, information about the venue, etc seem to be favorable for online cricket betting, a bettor can indulge in going ahead with his bets.

Cricket is a fascinating game to viewers worldwide. The addition of online betting on cricket matches has heightened the interest level of the viewers. Online cricket betting is a very engaging way of earning money using one’s knowledge of cricket. However, since betting involves money, one needs to remain cautious so that money does not get wasted, and betting should not be an impulsive action. Betting might seem very easy at first, but every successful betting requires a mathematical calculation, apart from the consideration of all the necessary factors already mentioned here. The details shared above are proven truths regarding the most befitting strategy, and every bettor should carefully follow the tips before online cricket betting.

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