Visiting a dog boarding facility before leaving your dog is a vital step in making sure that everything is as comfortable as possible. You should check the facility’s cleanliness and hygiene standards, the knowledge of the staff, and whether an emergency vet is on hand in case of an accident. Some facilities require that your dog be fully vaccinated before you leave it with them.


Unleashed Bangkok is one of the first cage-free dog daycares in Bangkok. The facility offers a variety of luxurious accommodations for your dog, including fleece blankets and elevated orthopaedic beds. It also provides filtered air and water for your pup’s health. Unlike traditional dog kennels, Unleashed Bangkok takes your pet outdoors for frequent exercise and toilet breaks.

Although Bangkok has a large number of public parks that don’t allow dogs, there are a few exceptions. Ratchaprasong Reservoir is a man-made reservoir that hosts a jogging and biking trail that is safe for dogs. Some dog owners opt to let their pets run free of the lead in this park, although it’s important to be cautious around young children.

Unleashed BKK

Unleashed BKK is a western-style dog daycare and boarding facility. The dogs stay in communal rooms without cages and are kept active with a doggie pool. They can also visit Dog Park 49 right next door. If you need to board your dog in Bangkok, there are a few places that cater to your needs.

Most public parks in Bangkok do not allow dogs, but the Ratchaprasong Reservoir is an exception. It has a four-kilometre-long bike and jogging trail, as well as a waterfront area where you can swim and take your dog for a swim. Some dog owners choose to let their pets run free, but be aware that young children may be in the vicinity.

Paradise 4 Paws

Paradise 4 Paws Bangkok is more than just a dog kennel. It’s also a resort, complete with a luxury suite for your pet. There are also play areas for your pet and cameras to keep track of them. Dogs get to have a private suite, and nightly tuck-ins are a nice touch.

Paradise 4 Paws Bangkok is a good place to leave your pup for a few days while you’re in Bangkok. The facility has spacious grounds, a dog pool, and daily exercises for all sizes. It also has a staff of professionals experienced in raising dogs, so your pet will get lots of attention. The dog boarding facility offers 24 hour care and cool fertilizer in its air-conditioned rooms, so you won’t have to worry about your dog.

Pet Hotel Bangkok

Pet Hotel Bangkok is an urban oasis where your dog can stay while you’re on vacation in the city. It features 58 spacious rooms with glass doors and views of the outside world. Each room is climate-controlled and air-conditioned, and features the latest technologies and equipment to provide the highest level of care for your pet. The hotel also provides grooming services, as well as spa and nail services.

If you need to leave your pet for more than a few hours, the Pet Hotel Bangkok offers boarding services. The facility features a swimming pool for exercise and a grooming centre for those who wish to bring their pets on vacation. It also provides a convenient shuttle service for guests.

Pets’ Ville

If you are traveling to Bangkok and you’re worried about your dog’s care while you’re gone, you can check out Pets’ Ville dog boarding in Bangkok. They offer a variety of boarding options for dogs, including VIP rooms, Standard rooms, and grooming sections. They also have a pet cafe and pet pool.

Pets’ Ville dog boarding in Bangkok is dedicated to providing a fun and comfortable stay for your pet. The hotel has many facilities for dogs, including a dog pool, grooming station, and playground. There is also a four-kilometer-long bike and jogging path and the water’s edge. You can even let your dog out off its leash for a potty break and some exercise.