In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the rates for project-based and monthly retainer plans for SEO services. We’ll also take a look at the rates for global and local SEO. This is important information for any business owner. It’s important to know how much SEO will cost, and whether it’s worth the expense.

Rates for project-based SEO

When it comes to SEO, project-based pricing can be the best option for businesses. These services usually come with a contract that specifies the scope and cost of the project. The benefits of this pricing model include the fact that there are no hourly costs, and that you can define the deliverables upfront.

Rates for project-based SEO services vary, but they typically range from $1,000 to $1 million per project. The price will vary depending on the scope of the project and the level of expertise of the consultant. On-page and technical fixes can be included, as well as site silo structure overhauls and content marketing initiatives. Depending on the level of expertise required, a project-based SEO service could cost anywhere from $500 to several million dollars.

Rates for monthly retainer plans

A monthly retainer plan for SEO is a way of defining the price for ongoing work, with a fixed monthly amount. The contract will specify key performance indicators and objectives, and progress will be measured against these. Monthly retainer plans typically include routine activities such as search performance monitoring and regular reporting. This is one of the most common pricing models for SEO agencies.

SEO agencies typically charge more than freelancers for some of their services, and are more expensive overall. On average, they charge about two to four times what a freelancer charges for the same services. Additionally, more experienced SEOs typically charge more than less experienced ones. For example, a highly experienced SEO may charge 275% more than a less experienced SEO.

Rates for local SEO

Local SEO consultants help local businesses with their Google My Business listings, on-page optimization, and local benchmarks. They also study your competitor’s listings and analyze their information to determine actionable steps. Your website must be optimized for your specific location in order to rank well for relevant queries. If it is not optimized, you may be missing out on local traffic and sales. These consultants also ensure that your website is mobile friendly, and includes relevant content.

The most affordable local SEO services often include small business directory submissions. These submissions involve verifying your contact and NAP information. Although these services do not significantly improve your search position, they can provide local businesses limited visibility.

Rates for global SEO

While Google is the leading search engine in the world, there are many other players that can be an important part of your global SEO efforts. If you want to get better conversion rates from your international SEO efforts, you must not only focus on Google. Rather, you should make a plan depending on your target audience.

For instance, keywords that work well for one language may not work so well in another. In some cases, your global SEO plan may focus on search queries or branded keywords that will be relevant for your international audience.