Under The Oak Tree is a story about a princess and her husband. The book opens with the wedding ceremony and then jumps forward three years. A few years later, Maximilian hears her husband Riftan’s voice, rumored to be coming home to get a divorce. He is rumored to want to marry the princess, and her father is furious. In addition, her father calls her ugly and she stutters.

Kim Soo-ji

The webtoon adaptation of Kim Soo-ji’s “Under the Oak Tree” is an incredibly poetic love story and a study in personal acceptance and reconstruction. Currently fifty chapters have been released and it is still growing in popularity worldwide. It has been translated into multiple languages and is available in print, digital, and kindle formats.

The web novel adaptation is currently being adapted to a Korean webtoon. The story follows a young noblewoman named Maximillian, who suffers from a stutter and is raised by an abusive father. She has no self-confidence and little will. Her father tells her she is worthless, confiding her in her room for most of her life.

Genesis 18:1-15

Genesis 18:1-15 is a passage in the Old Testament that describes a visit from God to Abraham and his family. In the account, God deigns to be Abraham’s guest and treats him as a friend. Abraham is forever designated as a blessed person of the Lord. However, we need to examine the circumstances surrounding this visit. The events of Genesis 18:1-15 should be understood in a theological context.

In Genesis 18, Sarah and Abraham were not the only people who heard the promise of the LORD. The two of them also grew older. However, this didn’t prevent God from fulfilling His promise to Abraham and his family. God didn’t laugh at Sarah’s lies, nor did he laugh.


In the fantasy novel Maximilian Under The Oak Tree, the author shows us a young woman who is forced to marry a knight named Riftan. After the wedding, Riftan disappears, but he comes back three years later. Maximilian’s father is furious. Maximilian stutters. She is called ugly by her father. She is unable to accept the reality of her situation.

Although she’s shy and timid, Maximilian is also a strong character. Despite her stutter, she has a strong will and doesn’t back down from her opponents. She also despises the idea of being thought of as weak or incompetent by others. She tends to underestimate herself, so it’s not surprising that she’s afraid to tell people about her past.


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The story opens with a scene where Ruth is dragging a hand across her face. Her face is pale and covered with dirt. She is a talented sorcerer, adept at getting under people’s skin. When he sees this, he stiffens and hisses. Then he turns away. As the sun sets, the trees grow darker and the sky becomes a deep, brown hue.

She is a kindly, yet crude character. Ruth’s character reveals her true colors when she meets Maximilian, but she has a nice side, too. She cares about Calypses.