Among all the WhatsApp alternatives, Adam WhatsApp is one of the most popular ones. It offers numerous interesting features and is safe to download.

Adam WhatsApp is a modified version of واتساب ادم الاسود that has been created by an Arab developer. This app has many features, including voice and video calling, and tagging. You can also lock the app, change its background image, and set up a security code.

Another interesting feature of this app is its ability to run more than one WhatsApp account on the same device. The app also allows you to change the color of the chat thread and your profile, and the font size of your messages. It also features a separate chat and home screen for each account. It also allows you to set up private conversations.

Other features include the ability to change the number of characters in your status, and to save your friend’s statuses. There is also a built-in app lock that prevents others from viewing your chat thread. There are also specific text colors for unread messages and names. There is also a way to send up to 90 images at a time.

Another fun feature is the app’s ability to hide your status online. This feature can be useful when you are in an unknown location. You can also see your friend’s deleted messages without them showing up in your chat thread.

Another useful feature of Adam WhatsApp is its ability to hide the number of friends you have on the app. This feature is especially useful if you are worried about revealing too much of your identity. You can also set up a security code that prevents others from accessing your information.

Adam Whatsapp has all the features of the official WhatsApp app, but it also includes some features that you cannot find in the official version. It offers features that make it a better option than the official version. It also features a message scheduler trap, which allows you to set up a time when you can send and receive messages. You can also set up automatic responses. It is a good way to send quick responses, especially if you are busy.

The app also allows you to view and save the statuses of your friends, including those that have been deleted. You can also set up automatic responses, and hide the number of friends you have. Another interesting feature of Adam WhatsApp is its ability to run more than one WhatsApp on your device. You can also set up groups and share media with others. There are also some privacy features to protect your data, such as hiding your last seen and your chat history.

There are many features to choose from, and this app has the best of them. You can also set up different lock patterns, and choose who can see your profile, group messages, and media in the gallery. You can also use this app to share media with people in different parts of the world. You can even block annoying calls.