Xanax addiction is one of the most serious and dangerous health and wellness issues facing us today. It is an integral part of the greater opioid crisis and has been responsible for countless deaths and unimaginable heartbreak in many families. And with the rise in fentanyl contamination in various drugs and medicines, abusing Xanax even one time can prove to be fatal.

What makes Xanax bars so highly sought after is that they are one of the original pills involved in the opioid epidemic and have been more readily available due to fake prescriptions and unscrupulous doctors who would prescribe them without proper patient documentation and examination. This means that many people have been addicted to this drug for a long time.

If you fear that your family member or friend may be dealing with an addiction to Xanax, here are some of the more prevalent signs to look out for:

Common Physical Symptoms

These will be the biggest and most easily recognizable red flags to watch for regarding Xanax abuse. The most common symptoms include dizziness, drowsiness, slowed or slurred speech, as well as impaired balance and coordination. 

Additionally, these symptoms become more frequent and pronounced as the dependency grows. If you see any of these, it’s likely time to get involved and start asking questions.

Changes in Behavior

Another indicator that your loved one is misusing Xanax bar is their personality and/or behavior undergoes various shifts. It may be frequent mood swings or manic behavior. They may get more easily agitated or irritated. It’s also common for addicts to become more secretive, getting defensive when asked about their drug use and even hiding their prescriptions.

Unexplained Financial Problems

If someone close to you is having sudden, mysterious money troubles, a Xanax problem may be the cause. People who are struggling with addiction issues may exhibit out-of-character financial behavior such as borrowing money more frequently (and in larger amounts), selling personal and even cherished belongings, as well as possibly more dangerous activities such as stealing.

Neglecting Professional and/or Personal Responsibilities

Addiction can begin with even the first Xanax bar, especially if your loved one has an addictive personality or there is a history of drug/alcohol abuse in the family. Once that dependency takes hold, it can lead to a lack of interest in taking care of their responsibilities. 

This can manifest itself in the form of things like missing important work deadlines, withdrawing from social activities they once enjoyed, and even neglecting personal hygiene. 

There Are Many More Dangerous of Xanax Bars

In addition to what’s listed here today, there are numerous other possible warning signs regarding Xanax abuse such as social isolation, constantly looking for new doctors, and failed attempts to stop. Addiction is a complex and persistent disease. Take time to speak with a specialist who can answer your questions and guide you down the proper path to helping your loved one. 

And always remember, recovery and sobriety are completely possible with the right support system and the proper treatment as millions of successful patients and former addicts can attest to.