There are several ways to get a fare cheap flight: flexible travel dates, booking directly with an airline, using a travel agency, or searching online. Listed below are three of the best ways to get the best possible fare for your flight. All three methods have their benefits and drawbacks, but they all have one thing in common: they are all effective. But which one is best for you? Read on to learn more about each method and discover which is best for you.

Flexible travel dates

If you’re flexible with your travel dates, you can search using the tools provided by airlines. There are also search tools provided by some airlines, like Southwest, that will allow you to look at different dates and times for the same airline. The best way to find fare cheap flights with flexible travel dates is to use one of these tools. The following are examples of websites with flexible travel tools. Here are a few that you should check out.

Booking directly with an airline

While the internet is full of travel agencies, booking directly with an airline is still the best way to get cheap flights. These agencies plug into a global distribution system that tells airlines how much they’re willing to sell tickets for. However, a ticket booked directly with an airline is guaranteed to be issued immediately. The airline is also the provider of the tickets, so it’s rare for an out-of-stock ticket to be sold.

Using a travel agency

While direct-to-consumer travel websites like Expedia and Priceline have reduced travel planning time to mere minutes, they aren’t the only advantage of using these services. They also offer complete transparency and bargain shopping. While these sites have helped the travel industry as a whole, they have also destroyed traditional travel agencies. Although the rise of direct-to-consumer travel websites like Expedia was supposed to spell the end of traditional travel agents, the number of travel agents has dropped from 124,030 in 2000 to 66,670 in 2019. It’s still true that 43% of travelers still prefer using travel agencies to book flights.

Searching online

One great way to find cheap flights is by searching online. Many websites offer great deals, but there are some things to keep in mind when you’re searching online. Be sure to double-check the website URL and phone number, as there are reports of fake airline ticket booking sites and phone numbers. If you’ve purchased airfare, you may receive an automated confirmation message, but you won’t actually receive your ticket. If you don’t receive a ticket, contact the airline directly.

Using a flight search engine

Using a flight search engine to find the best prices is one of the easiest ways to save money on airfare. These websites show you up-to-date prices based on your preferred dates of departure and return. You can save $20 or even hundreds of dollars by shifting your travel dates. Some of them even provide useful information about the airlines and seats, including legroom, USB outlets, and price ranges.